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Commercial Gates and Doors

Commercial Gates and Doors
We offer a complete range of commercial products and are a leading manufacturer of automated commercial overhead gates, roll-up gates, solid gates, telescoping sliding gates , sliding driveway gates up to 50ft long x 12ft high. Gate motors, commercial steel Stairs, steel railings & steel enclosure's, stainless wire railings, rollup grille, Stainless Steel grille, Aluminum Grilles, fire doors, chain-link fencing and related products. We use heavy 1/8 - tubular steel framing where needed, which is thicker and heavier than most steel gates on the market. All of our products are built in Los Angeles.

Hardcore Fire Doors & Rolling Steel Fire Doors are designed to close and seal an area when there is the presence of smoke or fire, to help stop the spread from one area to another. Fire Doors can be operated manually or with a motor operator. These doors can also operate as a regular Service Door even with a Fire Door classification.

Hollow Metal Doors & Fire Doors provide uniform quality, durability, and security while reducing concerns for weathering that would deteriorate normal wood doors. Hollow metal doors are available with insulation and/or vision kits depending upon your needs. These doors can come with different Fire Door classification as needed.

Steel and Wood Sectional Doors are often used in commercial applications. The most common of these doors roll up overhead at a 90-degree angle and travel at an incline or vertically. These doors travel on a track with rollers and are assisted by a spring counter balance system and cables. All of the components are replaceable. The headspace needed is only 15" with a 12" low headroom design available. They can be insulated, weather-sealed, or both. Celtic represents all major manufacturers i.e. Genie, Provene , Lawrence Doors of sectional doors.

High Lift Sectional Doors are used when a Customer requires more overhead clearance. This door design hugs the wall, and then goes overhead to the desired height.

Grilles and gates are used for many applications. These range from shopping mall storefronts to shipping docks. They can be configured for simplicity and functionality, or for design and style.

Rolling Aluminum Grilles and Accordion Grilles are a great option where visibility is important. Whether you want Customers to see your merchandise inside the store after business hours or if ventilation is needed. We carry Stainless steel Grille, Steel Grille, and Aluminum Grille.

Scissor Gates are often used to secure glass storefronts after the close of business or in the back warehouse where you need security when your roll-up door is open.